Data Science is an area of extensive research as new applications are emerging from Industry with requirements for real time data analysis of data streams that arrive with high speed, high data volume and in a variety of data formats. Terabytes, even petabytes of data are generated each day in diverse formats such as structured data, plain text data, imaging data, audio and video data.

The group is strongly involved in doing research in areas such as Real-time Big Data Management (RBDM), Stream Mining & Analytics (SMA), Text Processing & Machine Learning (TPML), Simulation & Modelling, and Information Visualisation (IV). The application areas where research carried out by the group is being applied are Smart Business, eHealth, Computational Sport Science, Telecommunication, Social Network, Power and Electricity and City Planning.The primary goal of the group is to design and implement new algorithms that will use a data driven approach to Knowledge Extraction and Prediction of future behaviour.