Real-time Big Data Management (RBDM)

BigData is a topic of great contemporary interest given the proliferation of BigData repositories that are now available online. BigData repositories are typically created from diverse and inter-linked online data and contain potentially valuable information that needs to be mined before it can be presented in usable form to an end-user.

The primary challenge in Data Analytics that has emerged in recent times is the Management of BigData in order for real time analysis to be performed. Currently available mining methods cannot scale to Petabyte and Exabyte scale datasets which are currently available. Research in this area is required that will mine such large data repositories in real time while returning knowledge in the form of actionable patterns in real time that cab used by an end-user to support real time decision making. Some of the projects from the research group in this area are:

  • Performance optimization of semi-stream joins
  • Processing of similarity joins in stream data
  • Implementation of one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many joins in stream data
  • Optimization of SQL queries
  • Implementation and optimization of semi-stream and full stream joins in clouds
  • Parallelization of semi-stream and full stream joins