AUT Data Science Research Group

Executive Summary

The Data Science Research Group (DSRG) seeks to promote research into all aspects of Data Science. Data Science is poised to become one of the most intensively researched areas within the Computer Science discipline and the research carried out by the group will be at the cutting edge of new developments in this field.

The group has a strong research profile in areas such as Big Data Processing and Data Stream Mining. In this connection we have a strong focus on developing novel techniques for integrating large streams of data in real time to support online query processing. We have also developed novel methods for change detection in data streams and capture of recurrent patterns. Others research areas of interest include Text Mining, Machine Learning, Information Visualisation, and Simulation and Modelling. The application areas where research carried out by the group is being applied are Smart Business, eHealth, Computational Sport Science, Telecommunication, Social Network, Power and Electricity and City Planning.

The Group, although based at the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences has a number of research collaborators, both within New Zealand and overseas. In addition, individual members of the group have strong connections with Industry in New Zealand, some of which has sponsored the group’s research activities. The group seeks to attract Doctoral students who have a strong interest in researching into any area of Data Science and provides financial support to these students whenever funds permit.

Research Spectrum

Following is the research spectrum diagram with core research areas, application domains and projects with their links.

research wheel

Recent News and Events

 4th Workshop on Recent Developments in Data Science  
DSRG will be hosting the  4th Workshop on Recent Developments in Data Science on 21st February 2018, here  at AUT.  Click here for more details.
 Deans Award
Rivindu Perera, a DSRG member who recently completed his PhD, received "Dean's Award of Excellence - 2017" for the outstanding performance in postgraduate studies in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences. Click here for more details.
 CS4HS 2017
Mahsa Mohaghegh organized CS4HS workshop at AUT. The aim of the workshop was supporting digital technologies teachers with training in STEM subjects in New Zealand schools, and creative ways to present these in the classroom. Click here for more details.
Hoa Nguyen's PGR 9 Presentation
On 16th November 2017, Hoa Nguyen, made her proposal presentation. Her research is titled, IoT-based monitoring in Healthcare: Case study of falls detection  and  Management. Click here for more details.
  Third DSRG Quarterly Meeting
We held  the third and final group meeting for  the year on 3rd November 2017. Two speakers gave talks on the day. Reece Robinson from Orion Health talked at length on Productising Data Science while Parma Nand gave a talk titled Making a living out of dicing, slicing, sifting, turning and tunnelling through data. How can we jump on this gravy train? Visit DSRG website for more details.
  Second DSRG Quarterly Meeting
Our second group meeting was held on 20th July 2017. The meeting just like the first one attracted an industry representative from Teknique. Arturas Vedrickas gave a talk on Machine Vision on Embedded Systems as well as presented opportunities for collaboration with the group. Dr. Russell Pears also gave a talk  entitled Identifying Precursors to Frequency Fluctuation Events in electrical Power generation Data.  Visit DSRG website for more details.
DSRG Quarterly Meeting
DSRG organised its first quarterly meeting successfully on 4th May 2017. The meeting attracted industry representatives from Cloudera, where Thierry presented a talk on how Cloudera can help data scientists. Additionally one of the PhD student Herman from DSRG group presented his research topic.
To see more activities please visit DSRG website.
  Industrial Internet of Things Workshop 2017
Dr. Farhaan Mirza is running a workshop at the Industrial Internet of Things 2017 (IIOT 2017). The workshop will show how to design, develop and deliver IIOT applications. This will be held on June 29, 2017 in conjunction with the IIOT 2017 Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.
For details please visit IIOT.
  Data Science Research Group (DSRG) at SECMS with Cloudera is organising a meetup on Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) at AUT where Doug Cutting , the father of Hadoop and Chief Architect at Cloudera is giving his talk. Please visit here for details.
  ICE Professionals is facilitating an international programme called Winternz(, where they connect students and graduates from New Zealand with established tech companies in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. There is a new post-graduate role available  for up to 12-months for recently finished or current master's or PhD candidates. Please visit here for details.
  Call for papers –IEEE-IWDS 2017
Asif Naeem is organising a 5th version of his workshop, 5th IEEE International Workshop on Data Science (IEEE-IWDS 2017). The workshop will be held on September 13, 2017 in conjunction with the ICDIM 2017 Conference that will take place from September 12 - 14, 2017 in Fukuoka, Japan.
 3rd Data Science Research Group Workshop on Recent Developments in Data Science