Our people

Farhaan Mirza

Farhaan is the Director of Data Science Research Group and senior lecturer in Department of IT and Software Engineering actively working in using data science for healthcare.

Dave Parry

Dave Parry is an Associate Professor, Head of the department of computer science, academic leader for the master of health informatics programme and director of the AUT Radio frequency Identification (RFID) laboratory in the AUT School of ECMS.

Boris Bačić

Boris' research interest is in application of Computational Intelligence (CI) and data analytics to advance sport science, rehabilitation, health and active life systems and technologies.

Parma Nand

Parma Nand is a Senior Lecturer and researcher in the Department of Computer Science.  He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the area of Natural Language Processing and has several years of commercial software development experience.

Mahsa Mohaghegh

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh is a computer engineer with a background in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. She obtained her PhD from Massey University with a thesis in Statistical Machine Translation.

Sam Madanian

Samaneh (Sam) is a lecturer in the Computer Science department and Fellow of Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH). Her research interest mainly focuses on e-health technologies and applications, specifically Internet of Things (IoT), in mainstream healthcare as well as in disaster situations.

Muhammad Asif Naeem

Muhammad Asif Naeem is a founder of the Data Science Research Group. He is a Senior Lecturer in School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology.

Russel Pears

Russel Pears is interested in all aspects of Data Mining and Machine Learning. His research speciality is in Data Stream Mining where he has contributed novel methods for change detection and recurrent pattern capture.

Diana Benavides Prado

Diana is a Senior Research Fellow at the CSDA, AUT. Her research interests span transfer learning, continual learning and human-algorithm collaboration. She investigates fundamental aspects and applications of these paradigms. Diana's applied experience includes leading the design, experimentation and deployment of machine learning tools to support decision making

Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall is a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  She completed her PhD in Management Science on the application of deterministic and stochastic models to product recovery systems at the University of Edinburgh

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Auckland. He joined The University of Auckland in 2003. Gerald holds a PhD from the FU Berlin.

Imran Sarwar Bajwa

Imran Sarwar Bajwa is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. He has worked on various research projects in University of Birmingham, UK and University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Nuttanan Wichitaksorn

Nate’s current specialization is Econometrics and Statistics with emphasis on Bayesian approach and applications in economics, finance, health science, and social science.

Herman Wandabwa
PhD student

Herman is specializing in building user-representative taste profiles based on short text microblog data. His interests are in Natural Language Processing.

Nawal Chanane
PhD student

Nawal is specializing in mobile health (mHealth)technologies design and applications. Her research interests are in healthcare information systems and data analytics.

Rashi Bhalla
PhD student

Rashi is specializing in distributed data stream mining and is working towards building a prediction model for Asthma. Her interests are in Data Mining and Machine Learning.

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