CS4HS 2017

Dr. Mahsa Mohaghegh organized CS4HS workshop at AUT. The aim of the workshop was supporting digital technologies teachers with training in STEM subjects in New Zealand schools, and creative ways to present these in the classroom. She was awarded a grant from Google to host the Computer Science for High Schools workshop this year, for approximately 110 of New Zealand's high school educators at AUT. The event was a hands-on, two-day event, with a collection of workshops and presentations, focusing on different topics around computer science, programming and technology.

The purpose was to upskill our valuable high school educators by presenting ideas to engage students with new technologies so students will be better equipped for 21st century learning. Dr. Mohaghegh hopes professional development like this can help teachers transition through the new changes ahead in New Zealand curriculum. Thanks to the sponsors of the event - AUT, Google, and Cisco - for their support in making this possible, and also all the volunteers and AUT staff from the Faculty of Design and Creative Technology, Colab, OMGTech and Code Avengers.